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First off, thanks so much for signing up to attend/bake at our 2nd Annual Bake-Off this year! We're super excited about hosting another fun, family-friendly and SWEET event :)
**Please make sure you fill out the contestant entry form after paying for your ticket

1.     Please be set up and ready by 1:45pm
2.    Please have signage addressing food categories (vegan, gluten-free, contains nuts, etc)
3.   There are 4 categories: cookies/brownies; cakes/cupcakes; pies/puddings/custards; misc (bark, brittle, truffles, etc.)
4.   If you enter 2 categories, you must pay for 2 contestant tickets
5.   Please bring your own serving utensils
6.   Judges will be using these criteria when scoring: taste/flavor; appearance; texture; originality/creativity
7.   Prizes will be awarded per category, so there will be 4 prizes total.

Have fun! Invite your family and friends!
Entrance fee is just $5 and all treats are $1 (tickets will be used to purchase treats. $10 = 10 tickets = 10 treats

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